Frequently Asked Questions

Seçtiğiniz lokasyonda bulunan Nahıl Misafirevi’ne şu linki tıklayarak rezervasyonunuzu kolayca oluşturabilirsiniz. Ana sayfa da yer alan rezervasyon bölümünde giriş çıkış tarihlerini girerek “Ara” butonuna basın. Misafir Portalına geçiş yapacaksınız.

Step one “Please Choose”: You will see the room options available in all our guest houses between the dates you have entered. You can make your choice by viewing the rooms. When you click on the “show price” link in the room you have selected, the “make a reservation” link will appear, and when you click on it, you will proceed to the second step.

Step two: “Add Service”: You can add additional services that you want to purchase. You can proceed to the third step with ”Continue Booking”.

The third step “Enter Your Information” in this section, you can enter your personal information and contact details, make payment, and complete your booking process.

Nahıl Guest Houses located in Gaziantep, Istanbul, Mardin and Şanlıurfa are representative buildings that carry the traditional architectural features of their regions. The rooms with high ceilings and plenty of daylight add spaciousness to the guest houses. There are 4 different room types in the guest houses: single, double, triple, and suite.

Gaziantep Nahıl Guest House: 4 rooms, 15-bed capacity. There are single, double, triple, and suite room options.

İstanbul Nahıl Guest House: 5 rooms, 10-bed capacity. There are single, double, and suite room options.

Mardin Nahil Guest House: 8 rooms, 15-bed capacity. There are room options for single and double occupancy.

Şanlıurfa Nahıl Guest House: 6 rooms, 16-bed capacity. There are room options for single, double and triple occupancy.

The room rate includes accommodation and use of common areas. There is a shared kitchen available for our guests in Gaziantep and Istanbul.

Common areas include a hall, balcony, kitchen, courtyard, and garden.

You can easily pay by your MasterCard and Visa cards by following the instructions on our booking page.
Our cancellation policy may vary by province and depending on season. You can see up-to-date information during your booking process.

İstanbul Nahıl Guest House

Mercan Balığı Sokak No:13 34098 Kocamustafapaşa – İstanbul 

Location Link:

Gaziantep Nahıl Guest House

Akyol, Emir Sokak No:4, 27010 Şahinbey – Gaziantep

Location Link:

Mardin Nahıl Guest House

Şar Mahallesi, 228.Sokak No:6 47100 Artuklu – Mardin

Şanlıurfa Nahıl Guest House

Kurtuluş Mahallesi, 1040.Sok No:6 63210 Eyyübiye – Şanlıurfa 

Location Link:

Time for check-in to the guest houses varies. For your needs outside of these periods, you can contact us at or on our whatsapp line 0554-649 8685.

Check-in is from 14:00 to 20:00 at Nahıl Guest House Gaziantep, Mardin and Şanlıurfa while the check-in time in Nahıl Guest House İstanbul is from 14:00 to 18:00.

You can check out at Nahıl Guest Houses from 13:00 to 14:00.

All of the Nahıl Guest Houses are located in the city center. You can walk to quality restaurants, diners, and cafes where you can discover the unique tastes of each region. Please check out the list of our suggestions for places you can go which can be found in the information notes in your rooms.
See the answer to Question 3. Apart from the facilities specified above, for your needs such as meetings, events, private gatherings, please contact us.
Smoking is not allowed in the rooms and other indoor areas at the Nahıl Guest Houses. Guests who smoke can use the outdoors and balconies.
No. You can use the free parking spaces on the street depending on availability. If there is no availability, we can redirect you to paid parking lots nearby.

You can reach Nahıl Guest Houses by shuttle or taxi from the airport of the region where they are located.

Nahıl Guest House İstanbul is 45 km away from İstanbul Airport (European Side) and 35 km away from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Anatolian Side) and the ride takes 35-50 minutes depending on the traffic.

Nahıl Guest House Gaziantep is 22 km away from Gaziantep Airport and the ride takes 25-35 minutes depending on the traffic.

Nahıl Guest House Mardini is 20 km away from Mardin Airport and the ride takes 35-40 minutes depending on the traffic.

Nahıl Guest House Şanlıurfa is 20 km away from Şanlıurfa Airport and the ride takes 35-40 minutes depending on the traffic.

Our guests can contact us if they want to be picked up from the airport and get a transfer.

We cannot accept your pet friends as Nahıl Guest Houses are not suitable for them.